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Our friends and we all sincerely admire the gifted personalities who can easily learn foreign languages. If you remember the school years, the smile will not leave your face. Because usually the lessons of foreign languages are given to schoolchildren very hard. And cope with the training program round honors.

And now this is some kind of boom in the field of child development. Parents send child to English courses or try 50 to 50 themselves to communicate with children in two languages. And the most beautiful thing is that children perfectly assimilate their knowledge. And it does not seem to them that foreign words and sentences are incomprehensible and difficult. For them, this is a brain game that makes you think and think.

Here the secret formula is hidden in the following. Children take everything literally to the smallest detail. This is a great tool in instilling in children a love for foreign culture and languages. Why? Because they have no need to logically explain the formulation of words, the construction of sentences and the pattern of use of words.

In adults, everything is different. It is much harder for them to start learning unfamiliar vocabulary because every mature person tries to explain absolutely everything. Before a person takes a fact for truth, you will have to convince him of logical explanations, state why this is not the case, and only, in that case, will an adult remember it.

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