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Can you remember your life before the invention of the Internet? Some of you remember this, and some have already been born at the time when wireless gadgets entered our daily reality. We complain when a Wi-Fi loses good speed and shows only 1-2 divisions instead of 5. And we don’t even suspect that 20 years ago we couldn’t quickly get in touch with another country and had a good chat on Skype from a cafe or favorite park.

Speed and consistency are the most demanded qualities that are needed to use any service and product. Now we can pump movies for the week ahead in one night. And before, it was only thanks to cinemas that we learned about cinema novelties. Therefore, the morality of this thought is that you need to appreciate the possibilities of the time in which we live. Most likely, in 10 years they will invent something more unreal and we generally stop paying attention to the Internet and its functionality.

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