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All of us once indulge in dreams and stop acting in every way. This period is completely normal. Not always the same toss and throw, and show aggressive tactics. By the way, this is why holidays are very useful. We pursue making money, do not think about health, and even less about our loved ones.

As a rule, people seem to be divided into those who hate holidays and love their work all 24 hours every day and those who are waiting for Friday, weekends and holidays. If we had a rest every day, such personalities would definitely be endlessly happy. Of course, do not always focus on the calendar. When it is possible to arrange a holiday everyone, even in the working day.

In general, even in special events, we react in completely different ways. Someone cries, even when they give him expensive gifts or huge bouquets of flowers. And someone jumps from happiness and laughs without cease and claps his hands when the rain stops and the sun comes out from behind the clouds. This suggests that we ourselves determine when the holiday and when not.

Even the most overcast and gloomy day can bring you tremendous luck. By the way, when life brings us trouble or deprives us of the desired event, we always scream and get upset. BUT we never think that instead of this small we deserve more.

And life itself saves us from more difficult danger than we have now. Again, those who look 10 or 15 steps ahead benefit from this situation. Today you were splashed out of a puddle, and tomorrow you will get the coolest new jeans at a very low price. Take higher and thank the Almighty even for minor troubles.

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