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Why is it so difficult to enter the top user? Because you don’t buy Instagram video views. And it would be worthwhile to think about the using of this tool. Everything goes to the fact that catching the user’s attention is becoming increasingly difficult. Whatever trends and new features appear on Instagram.

To keep the attention of a person who got on your Instagram profile, you need to lure him for at least 3-5 seconds. This can be done by posting more videos. More movement and video means more attention. So you need views.

If you look deeply, then more often people pay attention first to the number of video views. Then they make a conclusion, is it worth watching the video? When users notice a large number of views, they realize that this is a great video and worth watching. In general, your account seems very interesting. Further, a look rushes into your photos, content of posts and in general information about the profile.

So next and so you understand what is being discussed now.

You will learn:

  • How to involve the maximum number of users with views
  • How video views affect target audience behavior
  • How to buy Instagram video views much you spend and what you will get with this service


Why the video is of interest to users, we have already figured out. So what’s the point to buy Instagram video views? For the development of the page on Instagram, you can buy a lot of things. Especially talented people themselves invent improvised tools for promotion. But it can be done much easier. When you buy real Instagram video views, you bribe the loyalty of users.

A lot of views mean demand profile. People react to mass character, to the fact that they prefer more.

The purchase of video views frees you from the worries of promotion and promotion of your account on Instagram. The service knows its work and copes with it perfectly.

Unfortunately or fortunately, the visual picture and video views is a decisive factor to subscribe to you or not, whether your page is interesting to a person or not. Therefore, when you buy Instagram video views your chances of winning the audience increases.

No problems with Viplikes

In this or that product, you can always deal with problems or with a neatly built workflow. And generally get in the end is not what you need. Why does it happen? Because the poor quality of service, especially of video views, the irresponsibility of the supplier, the goal is to quickly sell and get the client’s money.

With Viplikes nothing like this happens to you. We exist for a long time on the market for the provision of services for the development of pages in social networks. Therefore, our service has been worked out to the smallest details and does not give failures in the working process.

You buy Instagram video views and get excellent returns from the service. But if something is bothering you or you have a misunderstanding, you can count on help from the support service 24 hours a day.

100 or 100000 video views? You are welcome!

Yes, the number of zeros is correct. On Viplikes, you can buy 100,000 Instagram video views! You can buy less, for example, 50 or 5000 video views. We do not limit your opportunities but try to embody your goals in the best possible way.

From the moment the service starts, video views on your Instagram page will gradually grow. The rate of video viewing is very high. You will get more than 5000 views every day.

You cannot worry about the reliability of views. When you decide to buy, you absolutely buy real Instagram video views.

Value for money

There is nothing nicer than getting a discount. When we are talking about a 50 percent discount for video views, it is difficult to keep positive emotions. To make you happy more often, you are always ready to give you such advantageous offers.

To buy Instagram video views are available for as low as $ 3! Just three dollars. This is the price of lunch in a cafe. And our service will work 24/7 the whole month, increasing your popularity several times with the help of views. Isn’t it a profitable investment?

Leave time to think about something else, but not to buy video views. Faster, you will start working on your accounts; you will soon come to decent results at the right time.

Available variants

About 7 options of video views are presented on the website for the taste and color of each of you. We offer packages of Instagram video views with different volume. To buy Instagram video views as quickly as possible, you can watch a short video on the website, where you will learn what is needed to buy Instagram video views.

As a rule, to buy video views we only need your URL and email.

What is good?

  • No passwords
  • No additional registration
  • The possibility of online shopping without leaving home
  • Guarantee of payment information reliability

And this is just the beginning. The rest of the benefits of our service you feel during its use.

No traps. All honest and real

By and large, only an experienced user and a person who already had experience using various automated services such as video views can distinguish a fake from a real one. When you first encounter a product and buy Instagram video views, you may be mistaken and get a poor quality product. Or in the worst case, do not get it at all and lose money.

In order not to get into trouble, study the supplier, customer reviews and generally find out as much as possible about what it offers. On Viplikes you can get acquainted with all the characteristics of our service. We give a guaranteed 100 percent without a return to you in case of incorrect operation of the service.

We work for users of different countries and stand for quality of video views.

Don’t think about competitors. Think about the result

When you comprehensively solve the issue of promoting an account, all the others become less important. Competitions, ratings, the struggle for getting into the top are secondary. More precisely, these are positive consequences of what tools you use and how well they work.

When you buy video views, you close a number of unsolved problems.

  • You increase the visibility of your account on Instagram.
  • You are capturing more target users.
  • You provide a continuous stream of new profile visits.

If you are still thinking whether to buy Instagram video views or not, then make the right decision. The key to Instagram’s top will be yours.