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So, probably the most burning issue of all times and peoples is losing weight. At the very jelly, we live in a wonderful time, when fitness became the fashion stream and is not going to leave the life of modern people. Note that this is the best and positive trend in society over the past few years.

But as you guessed, there are also pitfalls here. Lose weight without exception. Those who really need it and those who are the opposite to gain high-quality muscle mass are occupied by treadmills for several hours in gyms. So they aggravate the situation even more: the muscles burn during cardio, and the fat remains.

And how is all this accompanied? Of course, insanely low-calorie diet. How does everyone think? The less I eat, the faster I will lose no. If this were so, then losing people would simply not exist. All around would be extremely slim and did not need effective training and nutrition programs.

So what to do now, you ask? You know, losing weight is something that needs to be earned. To enter the process of losing weight, you need to have such a high-calorie diet so that you can take a 10% deficit from it and comfortably start losing weight.

First you have to set up a good calendar for classes. Then you will burn more energy than you eat with food. If you eat very poorly, alas, you still do not deserve the way of losing weight. First, you need to increase the intensity of training, calorie nutrition, and then deservedly and honestly lose weight.

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